• You are open-hearted, thirsty for a deeper understanding of your present life experience. 

  • You feel a strong resonance with me, which allows you to be open to learning to trust new ways of thinking and feeling.

  • You have a mature perspective that your choices are both your responsibility and worthy of celebration. 

  • You are brave and you understand that fear can move mountains. 

  • You are as beneficial to me (energetically speaking) as I am to you.  

  • You understand the power of thought and emotion or you are awakening to this. 

  • You are ready and able to commit to yourself and your own growth.

  • You are also ready to accept help moving forward.

  • You are willing to be accountable to yourself and to me.

  • You are ready to allow me (or others) to believe in you and receive!

  • You identify as an empath or a sensitive.


If I have described you, or you identify with most of these qualities, we are a

good match, and I'd love to hear from you.



  • Or if you find yourself stuck in an incessant pattern of complaining and are not willing to change.

  • You find yourself regularly blaming others.

  • You lash out when you feel triggered and have not yet learned to sit still with those feelings and be vulnerable.

  • You are not ready or able to fully commit to yourself.

  • You are cynical and/or judgmental of emotional expression.  

  • You believe in fate, rather than your own power.

If you recognize yourself in this description, we are not a good fit right now.  BUT...I AM ALL ABOUT evolution and transformation, and believe it or not, that same list used to describe me.  


There's nothing worse than feeling like you're stuck on the complainy-train.  Zero fun.  Super frustrating.


There IS a way off this train.  Remember, I had to find a way off too. :) 


see where you find yourself in a few months' time. 

MSHI_Thank you for taking your power_2.p