What is energy healing?

Simply put, energy healing can be defined as the exchange of energy between bodies. While there are seemingly as many modalities as there are stars in the sky, the one common thread is the return to balance of both the receiver and the giver.


The healing work I provide is best defined by its vibrational feeling of being lifted and Light filled, bringing both client and practioner into alignment with Source. This can often be felt physically, although not always. 


As a practitioner of healing, my experience is very meditative. When offering an activation process, I would describe my energy as both mental and meditative, while the client tends to have a more etheric, sometimes out-of-body experience, though again not always. There are times the work affects the ongoing life experience of a person in the "reflected reality" but the client has no physical sensation at all. There are other times clients have a broad range of physical and etheric symptoms and it is clear the work has affected their reality going forward also. Simply put, the session experience and following life experience vary with each and every being, but there is always an effect that I would describe as clearing, eliciting harmony, bringing online that which has been dormant however that might look or manifest in one's reflected reality.


A session can include any modality or activation (see descriptions) & often intuitive information does come through.  If I do receive specific guidance during a remote session, I will write to you via email afterward.  


I also work with animals, and I do often receive information from & for them.  Of course, I will always let you know what I experience or intuit. 

For human clients, it is best to find a nonsensory, comfortable space. You will want your space to be as smell, touch, sound, taste & visually "free" of information as possible. Please make sure to drink some water beforehand and visit the restroom, so that your session is uninterrupted. Water does act as a conduit for energy; please be hydrated. You may wish to have a notepad and pen next to you so that you can record your experience. Questions you might address afterwards would be:

  • Did you see anything?

  • Did you hear anything?

  • Did you smell anything?

  • Did you touch or feel anything?

  • Did you taste anything?

  • Did you "go" anywhere or have an experience you'd like to share?


Common experiences are colors, smells, voices, feeling of being touched, & even interactions with those considered to be "passed on" and occasionally channeling with occur within a session. You will only receive what you are ready for. My experience of healing work has always been uplifting, healing, aligned and comforting.