Vagus Nerve Activation

The Vagus Nerve Activation™ is a energetic healing modality that allows us to remember the feeling of allowing and empathy. This brings our physical and etheric bodies in to harmonic balance. In doing so, we learn the ability to connect to and effect the energy in the field around us, creating an experience of harmony, as if flowing more with the energy of life than in resistance to it. The vagus nerve is the longest of the cranial nerves, beginning on either side of the neck and wandering throughout the body. This nerve is said to be our "interface with Source" and is responsible for our emotional connection to our experience. We can learn to tone and control the vagus nerve and, in effect, have more control in how our lives manifest as well. The remote activation I offer is but one piece of a larger picture. This activation serves to teach us the very feeling place of allowing and being in the flow.


After your activation, it is important to continue to strengthen your sense of connection.  The following are ways we can do just that, and it is recommended that you practice these exercises often.

  • Hugs, handshakes and touch

  • Breathing coherence

  • Meditation-Conscious empathy (giving, receiving & observing)

  • Random acts of kindness (giving, receiving & observing)

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