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All information that comes through in my work I consider to be through me, not from me; however, it often (not always) matches my most current beliefs.  I have not learned to read from anyone here, in this plane of experience, but as a result of consistent meditation & grounding practices.  I do not seek out teachers because I feel that what comes through in session is much more authentic & "pure" as a result.  


All recordings are free of charge & the intention is that they are shared among friends, as you desire.  We (at Empath Malia) do ask that you respect our choice to maintain intellectual copyright & refrain from any download, sale or distribution of these recordings.  However, they are meant for sharing.  


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Parallels and Chords 2015 - Malia Shields
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  • This is an unedited portion of a recorded group session/reading with Malia. Thank you for your patience with any imperfections in the recording.

  • Permission to record and share has been given by all participating in this call.

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