What is energy/aura reading?

Energy/aura reading is part of my intuitive language.  


In this image, you can see my aura to the left of my face.  This is naturally occurring and shows the magenta and green in my own aura, indicating I am a healer (green) and a seer (magenta).

I am an energy reader, aura reader, clairsentient, clairvoyant & clairaudient.  I connect with you through healing frequencies or energy work.  


When I read you, I see and interpret color, and I also interpret feelings (both physical and emotional) and channel information for you. 


My most powerful sessions to date have begun with a healing experience where I simply hold the space for a few minutes, simply observing and tuning into my client.  Once I feel connected, I turn my attention to the information that is coming through and start to relay and interpret that for you. 


This process is part of every session, and it's why my work is so powerful. 

I have learned to trust this in combination with a gentle structure that grounds the process.


I consider myself a conduit &/or a guide.  I will offer guidance and support your choices, but I will not choose your life for you or stand in the way of your progress.

My most profound work happens with clients who commit to their growth and come back over months or years. 


I use energy/aura reading to identify subconscious patterns and help you to see/accept them, making them conscious and transmutable, so that you can finally move towards the life you desire.


Thank you for taking your power,