Empathic Paralysis? Set Yourself Free

My name is Malia. I am a natural empath, intuitive, and practitioner of energy healing.

As an empath, you feel deeply, and that way of being can easily take over your life experience if you are not consistently grounding and "staying in your own lane." With the reminders around us of intensely traumatic events, you may be feeling it's impossible to stay balanced, feeling like just the news itself traumatizes you.

You may one day be surprised to learn that many of the events you believe are worthy of stepping outside your well-being and into traumatization for, simply are not really what they are shown to be. While you are busy reeling at the unfair nature of duality, those you could be assisting are not tended to on social media or news outlets at all. In other words, being in consistent pain makes us blind; we disconnect, disengage and stop reaching out, paying it forward, expressing compassion. This is actually the opposite of the calling of the hypersensitive empaths of the world.

So let's rewind; there is GOOD news. It is possible to stay consistently balanced and resist the urge to dive down the rabbit hole with those who are yet unhealed. How? Stay in your lane. Stay in your body. Because someone or something has grabbed at you and thrashed about in blame and anger, that does not also make you responsible for their perceptions of you. Until they take all of that inward, they will not heal it, and that "job" cannot be done by you.

Your job is to heal your own perceptions so that you are "more whole" before you try to stop the hemorrhaging of those around you. Your job is to heal the trigger and the trauma you internalized FIRST so that you can "see" their struggle rather than take personally their perception.

It is natural for anyone with empathy to want to soothe and care for others, but if you cannot also allow them their journey "because" it hurts you, there is something there for you to look at, to heal, to embrace and even love.

Empathy can be interpreted in a couple of different ways; empathy experienced through the perception of the old wounds and empathy experienced through the healed, whole and conscious empathetic perception.

Interestingly, we usually believe we are being empathetic even when we are actually re-triggering our own unresolved traumas. So how do we discern our own trauma and self-imposed pain versus true empathy and the experience of understanding another's emotional standpoint? Heal yourself first; take space away from the issues and the people you cannot see with clear eyes.

Your own wounds, as they arise in your own physical body, will physically hurt; they will bubble up on autopilot and force you into fight-or-flight response. Your wounds can create of feeling of helplessness and even reactivate the belief that this feeling can kill you! Wow... super intense!

A "more conscious" empath knows this truth, can feel this truth, and walks in their own lane (at least most of the time) with the thoughts that are truly triggering the wounds to bubble up.

A healed empath, one who is truly feeling the empathetic connection of the other's emotions and understanding them, isn't actually triggered at all. In other words, the thorn has been removed, the infection is gone, and to touch on the topic that used to create such a painful experience, now can been moved through with compassion and gentleness. They can feel compassion and a sense of soothing love for the other person(s) without also being pulled down the rabbit hole and creating a "secondary" trauma or victim in themself.

That is not to suggest that this is black and white; it is my understanding that we are, in fact, conscious in some ways and not in others. The way of the healing empath is one of growth and consistent healing of the self.

So, walk the road of empathy with balance, love and self care. So that you do, in fact, end up being a helper and one who is able to hold the space for others. Empathy is truly incomplete if it excludes the self; the same is true of compassion and love. Begin, always, with You :)

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Thank you for taking your power!


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