Hey Empaths! Are You Grounded?

Hello :) My name is Malia. I am a natural empath, intuitive, and practitioner of energy healing. Although, there are times it seems more accurate to say I am an interpreter of vibration, feeling and color.

Grounded... grounding...words we hear thrown around a lot, and words that come up nearly every time I read for another empath. There’s good reason for that, but first, let’s explore what it means to be grounded.

From: http://www.macmillandictionary.com/us/dictionary/american/grounded, to be grounded is to be confident and sensible, because you like yourself and you know what is important in life. Synonyms include realistic, practical, based on evidence or good reasons.

Interestingly, all of these are manifestations of or results of ground-ing yourself as an empath, but the distinction in being grounded versus “how” you get there may surprise you.

In my experience, most empaths are also highly sensitive people who very naturally leave their bodies and explore the energy of the world around them. For an empath to become empowered also results in a more successful experience in “this” world or plane of experience. Translate that more simply as: There are ungrounded empaths and grounded empowered empaths. The former has difficulty with boundaries and staying in their own experience, while the latter draws their experience to them (doesn’t need to chase it) and is something the ungrounded (read also newly awakened) empath can actually aspire to.

So, you might then ask yourself, “How do I become grounded; what are some tools and practices that will help me to stay in my body, experience my life in a way that feels both enlivened and perhaps even comfortable and empowered?”

To ground, start with the obvious, with “grounding” (from the perspective of guidance) literally meaning to be IN your own body, your own experience in the physical world, illustrated to you by your 5 physical world senses.

Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. What does it FEEL like physically to be exactly where you are “right now.” Do you have pain, anxiety, fear? Are you content? Interestingly, if you are feeling pleasure, passion or any intense energy, you are most likely also grounded in your body and in such a way that you’re definitely not reading this article, your preferred experience is most assuredly in that BIG emotion

Often, in a session, particularly when reading another empath, the guidance comes through to ground, further integrate, be whole with the Self. What on Earth could that mean!?

From the perspective of my own guidance, being grounded means being in one’s body, feeling vital and living life in a physical way, being at ease in one’s body; contrasted by being out of one’s body energetically speaking, focusing more on the emotions and lives of others than your own, always day dreaming and not fully living, lack of boundaries, lack of spoken and clear truth and lack of feelings fully experienced.

The good news is there are some ways to ground that work and work consistently. First rule of thumb, do what you enjoy, the things that feel timeless, that bring you INTO the moment and draw your attention.​

  • Earthing (bare feet to bare earth), hiking, any time in nature.

  • Breathing, deep breathing, clearing the static and bringing oneself to center, to the space of now.

  • Eating good food, food that brings you joy and tastes amazing.

  • Smells.. ahhh smells always bring me right into the moment, like them or not.

  • Hugs, touch, massage.

  • Affection, sex, physical activity.

  • Color, art, anything perceived that draws on our emotions.

  • Music, particularly music that resonates with you personally.

Interestingly, rest, while it is a means of leaving the body, is also a great way to reset oneself and wake into a grounded space.

In the same way, meditation can help us move through challenge, return to our power, and come back into our bodies with more ease in staying grounded but is a process of actually leaving and returning to the body, not simply being in it.

As an empath, becoming grounded is the most important way we can learn to stay centered, slow our body's rhythm, learn discernment and transmutation of energy, and simply, live a happier and healthier life. A grounded, empowered empath will actually draw life "to" themselves, rather than chase life/people/desires (which results in the feeling of a need for protection). In drawing life to us in a way that feels trusting and calm, the world around us reflects that same energy most of the time and we begin to feel more empowered and less at the mercy of the world around us.

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