Empath Group #3 Part 3 and 4/6 Soulmate vs Lifemate

The following is the transcribed version of a recorded Empath Group session with Malia via www.Empath-Malia.com.

For the sake of clarity, a reading/session with me (Malia) is an interpretation of visual (clairvoyant) and audio (clairaudient) information, along with physically felt sensations (empathic and clairsentient) information. There are times you here me say "they are saying." There are times I am describing what I am seeing. Also, there are times I am feeling way through a question. I do try to make it clear how the information comes through, but it is not always as easy as it might seems to switch gears and stop tuning in so that I might tell you. As well, there are times I am interpreting multiple "frequencies" (you might compare this experience to having a conversation with multiple guides and then relaying that information to you, the audience). Thank you for your presence in this experience with me :) Malia

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Soulmate vs Lifemate (continued)

part 3 and 4/6

Audience: Why is it white light?

Malia/Guides: The reason it is white light or part of what I get from him; I call it Christed Consciousness in terms of white energy being something that...this is a person who understands what it means to be selfless, yes, definitely. Strong "yes" around that. This is also a person who is not very grounded in terms of tethering himself to this reality and having an experience that feels emotionally complete. That felt like complete sort of understanding. Do you want me to expound on that?

Audience: I do. Yea.

Malia: When all of you are quiet, it is like when children are quiet when they have done something wrong.

Audience: We are listening.

Malia/Guides: So, within the context of the connection to him because again we are reading specific people which brings through specific energies, and when someone holds a sort of specific personality or identifies him or herself in a certain way for a long period of time, that is sort of the dominant energy, vibration or color that will show up and sometimes it is multiple colors, and depending on what we are asking about, other things will start to show up or other colors. The dominant energy from Bill is this white light color, which tells me he is a very high vibration.

In terms of a person when they ground, particularly a person who is a conscious empath. In other words, he understands, on some level, probably more than most men, that he feels other people's stuff, and so, as he learns to ground himself and be more sort of rooted, and all I mean when I say that is when I say yes I mean yes, when I say no I mean no, I am able to speak my truth, I am able to trust you with it whomever you are, and I am able to just sort of back up from that and trust that what is going to come to me is going to come to me, and the more you do that, the more you sort of show up for yourself, your life takes a giant turn. So, I am expecting that from Bill as he learns to show up for himself and sort of root himself.

You know, Christed consciousness, this comes hand in hand often, based on what we have been taught before in that we martyr ourselves for the sake of other people, and that is actually not where we are heading. That is not what it means to be in your body and be grounded. Whether that is right or wrong or not, I am not sort of debating that or trying to speak to that, I am just simply saying that the more you are in your body, the more honoring and respectful you are of your current space and time and your emotions, and the more you do what is right for you to bring yourself to your own peace, and the more you trust that whomever shows up for you will do their part, the more life will be manifest-able. That is another word I just made up.

Audience: Manifestable; how do you spell that? (laughter).

Malia/Guides: What I mean by that is, we go through life, and we have these experiences that we are wanting to sort of pull forward, and one of those is a really amazing relationship that is both lifemate and soulmate; this amazing connection with someone that we have had for lifetimes and want lifetimes going forward, and so, it is so profound that we feel it deeply, energetically, emotionally, and even physically. So, I am speaking for myself, but I believe that I am also speaking for most of you, or probably all of you, that that is the intention. So how do we manifest that into this space would be this very topic that we are talking about, and it has to do with the Self; it has nothing to do with the other person, other than that they are going to resonate with you because you are presenting to them your authentic Higher Self. I am going to repeat that. They are going to resonate with you because you are presenting to them your most authentic Higher Self, and your most authentic Higher Self is represented from a place of being grounded. It is from a place of knowing what you want and knowing what you don't want; it is being able to trust that I don't feel this, so I am going to say no; I really feel this, so I am going to say yes; and allowing that to be your world so that you have some space for you, for one, because some of those boundaries have to do with doing way too much for other people and allowing your own life to be out of balance as a result.

So, how do we manifest that relationship into this reality, and that simply is about being grounded. How do we know that we are grounded? The same way that you know that Bill grounds. We show up for ourselves; we become reliable because we are making promises that we know are in alignment with ourself; we are resonating towards and harmonizing with that which we actually want, rather than showing up over and over and over again for things that our body tells us no, this is not for you. So, when you are doing that, you ground, and when you trust that, you ground more, and when you stop needing to sort of please people, and you start needing to please yourself, and you realize that the overflow is trust, and it is loving, and it feels really wonderful, and the other person learns from you that you are moving towards them because you want to. Because you want to (they want me to repeat that point) because the point is, in all of this, that you are returning to this person because you want to, because you feel them, because you resonate with them; not because you are obligated, not because they are obligated (I am backing up when I talk about that - which indicates a lower vibration and a "no") but because you want to be in that space and truly feel drawn.

Audience: Double yes, double yes. That is a struggle for me, right now, this week.

Malia/Guides: Ya, that's okay. In other words, as you are crossing this bridge from the old ways to the new ways, it can feel like you are trying to get a wheel to go the opposite direction from the way it has always gone, but yet it is still spinning backwards; it is still spinning the way it has always gone. And you are trying to get in the middle and stop that wheel from moving so fast and get it to go a different direction. So, ya, it can feel hard to go into a different direction; it can feel hard to have to show up and say, rather than "Tell me how you are feeling" man who I am dating, you might say "Let me tell you how I am feeling. I am so in love with you. You're amazing. I love when you do that thing with your mouth and then it kind of goes up to the side a little bit, and it just makes me know that you recognize that I am here, and then your eyebrow goes up a little bit, and my back lights up, and there are all of these cool things that happen when we interact with other, and I just really love that chemistry that we share, and so I am really appreciating the space that I have with you, and I really, I love it, and then as soon as I think about what is next, I start to get really scared, and so I want to talk to you about how I am feeling scared about what is next. Are you... okay, you are going to tell me if you feel scared about what is next; I am just going to tell you about what I feel, and what I feel is that. So, I am wanting to jump forward and know that there is something that comes next; are you wanting to jump forward and know that there is something....are you following me? And so you might draw him into your conversation about you in order to feel empowered.

But you know, as soon as I am stepping into of that box of trying to feel my way through what he is experiencing, my vibration drops, the vibration of the reading drops, and I am no longer experiencing that sense of really strong chemistry and empowerment because I just jumped out of my body and went into his, energetically speaking. So, I am feeling my way through his experience, and I am coming back to me, rather than trusting the connection and staying put in my body and allowing him to show up and say "You know what, I was thinkin' the same thing." So, rather than tell me how you are feeling, how about just taking a breath and space; allowing a space within the conversation. I like that better; it actually feels better to me to say all of those things that I am feeling and just sit there and smile.

New things are scary sometimes, and we attach the word scary to something new because there is so much sort of anticipation in what comes next and what comes next and what comes next, and so if you can stop yourself from needing to reach into the future, the future will start showing up for you. In other words, there is an understanding innately of providing a person safety and space related to showing up over and over and over again, and that happens through experience. So, what you are putting out into the Universe by way of... I love it when this person is reliable; I love it when this person is the same for me, that they react to me emotionally in the same way or often times in the same way, so that I start to learn to that there is some level of predictability to who they are, and I resonate with that feeling a lot. I am really ready for that feeling. I don't feel like I need to be pushed off into the fires of unpredictability and chaos all the time anymore. I don't feel like I need that. I feel like what I am really wanting is stability, and I really love this vibration of the red passionate energy can be sort of stabilized within the context of the structured energy of stability. So, I am loving all of that about this connection that I am having, and I am wanting more of it, and I am wanting to grow more of it, but I am going to go ahead and be still and be quiet when I want to try to make it more because I know that naturally, what is going to show up when I tune into what is already there, all of the things that I have asked for - they are coming. They are coming; you have asked for them; they are coming. You created this; they are coming. You manifested this man already; what you want is coming. So trust that.

You know it is funny because they are saying "Don't verbalize it. Just don't verbalize it. Don't talk about it. Don't go down that road. Don't analyze it. Don't dive..." (I am going backwards and backwards and backwards - indicating a drop in vibration - if you could see me, as I am reading this.) The more we dive into the space of "this guy isn't offering me what I want in this way, this way, this way and this way," the more the vibration suffocates; they more the energy goes inward. So, how do we find our way out of that? We get still with it, and we trust that it is not "him" we are asking; it is yourself and the Universe. Can you wrap your mind around that? (Laughter). I know there are a lot of logic-based people who would want to argue this point with me, but truly, energetically speaking, hopefully that makes sense. There is some sense of resonance with what was just offered.

Anybody there?

Audience: Yes, it totally makes sense. I tend to think that if you start talking about it too much or focusing too much, you push it away. I think that is what has happened to me... I don't know, in these times whenever I have had something and I have been too concerned and too anxious about it, and I think I push it away.

Malia/Guides: Ya, that is exactly correct, and why is that the case? Because we are coming from a lineage of women who have learned to heal themselves through talking, and so, we go into this lineage of men who have not learned the same thing, and we expect them to sort of wrestle through this with us, and they are like "What? What do you want from me? I am feeling all of it." And really truly, so many of them... Blake - yes. He is saying "This is me, this is me!" So I am saying okay. This is one of the people I am talking about, but as they are walking through this, they show up fully energetically, and that is the truth. That is ALL it is. It doesn't need to be anything more than that. There do not need words around it, unless you are wanting to build UP the connection, but even then, the connection is built up because the receiving is felt. It doesn't have to be defined; it is obvious and clear, and you can see it in the context, Renee, of connections that are... (I am getting a really strong "yes" around this, particularly when I say your name, so hopefully your antenna is now up).

Renee: Me?

Malia/Guides: Yes. In the context of relationships that are starting to come together and sort of form a little bit more of a fabric of connection in this reality, all that is is the connection. In other words, defining it is the illusion. The connection itself IS the feelings that you feel when you look at each other and it is recognized. Anytime anyone else tries to come in the middle of a relationship where there is a really profound connection trying to occur, (I know I did'n't say that completely right because there is a whole bunch of other stuff happening, but you understand what I am saying.) anytime anyone else tries to sort of interject or come in the middle of that, it is a really obvious... in the case of Renee, there is a connection she has with a man who has dated other people since she has recognized this connection. (May I talk about this freely?)

Renee: Yes absolutely.

Malia/Guides: So, it the context of that connection, there is all of this validation occurring, and when they speak about that relationship, they are saying, you already "in relationship" with him. Because there is not a definition around it and you are not standing in a cage and decorating that and closing the door does not mean there is not a relationship. It just means that you have not thrown it in that cage that you are already trying to throw off the back of the truck. So, try to stay present because you don't want to be in that cage that you are throwing off the back of the truck with this person who is so perfectly resonant to you. You want to be in that space where you are moving forward, and if you are in that space where you are moving forward, and you are holding the connection together, and you can tether that into this reality, and he comes back to you because he wants to, because he wants to, because he wants to, and you because you want to, because you want to, because you want to, that will grow. It can't not grow. In the context of this conversation, the people who have come in the middle of that, who are sort of stepping stones, allowing a place of growth that thank goodness because you did not want to get in the way of, thank goodness it is somebody else, but those people recognize the connection that is already there, the chemistry that is already there. That relationship is almost always a threat to somebody who is any level of intuitive. If they are at all connected in terms of energy and feeling and what they are wanting, and if they are at all sort of caging off and suffocating what is already there between them and the person in the profound connection, there will almost always be.. there will always be..

(end of part 3 & 4/6 - Soulmates vs Lifemates)

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