Empath Group #3 Part 1/6 Soulmate vs Lifemate

The following is the transcribed version of a recorded Empath Group session with Malia via www.Empath-Malia.com.

For the sake of clarity, a reading/session with me (Malia) is an interpretation of visual (clairvoyant) and audio (clairaudient) information, along with physically felt sensations (empathic and clairsentient) information. There are times you hear me say "they are saying." There are times I am describing what I am seeing. Also, there are times I am feeling way through a question. I do try to make it clear how the information comes through, but it is not always as easy as it might seems to switch gears and stop tuning in so that I might tell you. As well, there are times I am interpreting multiple "frequencies" (you might compare this experience to having a conversation with multiple guides and then relaying that information to you, the audience). Thank you for your presence in this experience with me :) Malia

Copyright is maintained by Malia Shields. It is prohibited for this work to be sold, distributed, revised or otherwise represented by anyone other than Malia Shields. All participants have agreed to be recorded and have given permission for their questions to be used in this session.

Soulmate vs Lifemate What is a soulmate and what is a lifemate? From the perspective of the non-physical (meaning energy, just vibration, energy, and not specific to this linear reality) in terms of how it is seen in a reading by me and/or offered to me, the visual information is such that this reality is one limited version of many experiences that we are having, and this one being, more than likely, the most dense experience, which is why people coming to Earth talk about this being a place of learning and a place of school. This is how it is being said to me.

This can be seen like being on the front line, being in the middle of all of the information, and really understanding fully, up front and center, in the middle of the experience, the grit and the sort of messiness of all of it. That is what Earth plane is.

So, when you talk about a soulmate relationship versus a lifemate relationship, these are being defined as two different things, and there are a lot of other definitions that come through in this (Earth) plane because it is easier for the mind to define things that are seen in this reality related to anything felt energetically, if that doesn’t seem abstract. It is easier for the mind to define it; that is why we have definitions, and it does not necessarily mean it needs to be defined in the greater scheme of things or from the soul’s perspective. From the soul’s perspective, we are all moving through, and some people we are drawn to and some people we are not, and there are reasons for that, and there are resonances for that, and there are magnetic pulls and there are polarity pushes, and that is what there is. So, from a nonphysical perspective, there is no real “there is a soulmate” or “there is a lifemate.”

Malia: From our perspective (human), since we like to have something a little bit more in a box, a soulmate would be, as experienced by me, Malia, someone I am magnetized towards, someone I can’t not give my attention to, someone I understand a connection with, someone I feel empathically throughout the physical body. That connection and that information and that magnetism is my information that lets me know that this is someone I know on other planes of reality. This is someone I am connected to.

Guides: This is what some people call "cording"; what we (guides) would call more of a sound resonance, would be more of a vibrational pull, would be more of a ...(pause). If you can see this as an orchestration rather than one instrument playing. Assuming that you are the instrument, see yourself as an orchestra; that might be easier to comprehend the fullness of the picture we are trying to offer you. So that when you are understanding the soul-level connection, you are understanding by that physical information, by that pull … by that … (you can call that chemistry if you’d like to) that this person exists with you in other realities, at least one usually if not multiples.

And in the depth of the connection, you can understand, to some degree, how “many” realities there are or how depthful the experience is from elsewhere. And then, there are the connections that are actually orchestrating this reality from elsewhere, which is even a sort of different definition. If you can imagine that your actual real reality is not here as much on the Earth plane as much as it is on another plane so that you are actually there giving yourself sort of tests and ideas and things to play with and things to do so that the bigger part of you can actually learn from the part of you that is here.

Malia: Really strong “yes” around all of this information. When I say “really strong yes” I feel (physically, like tingles) that all the way up my spine and up my neck, all the way around the crown of my head, which is my indication that this is connected to Source, and I am receiving energy and information moving through me, and I am communicating that to you as clearly as I am able. (In more literal terms, it means: Stay here, in keeping with this understanding.)

If am saying some of these things to you, and you have heard me say them before, it is for the sake of knowing that there are people who are new to this experience here with us today who need more clarity in terms of how I am speaking with you, realizing that the people here today I have been working with and reading for a long time or rather we (myself and guides) have been working with you for an extended period of time.

We have covered the soulmate in terms of the defined reasoning or resonance that you might feel related to a person and what that means. It just simply means that you are having other experiences together and those are “chorded” (as opposed to corded, which would indicate a physical cord) through a sound wave.

Guides: A lifemate might be defined as someone who is appropriate for you in this reality, so that might have a different feel to it; it might have a much more clear, calm, soothing vibration than that of the soul-level experience because the soul-level experience is often (not always but often) meant to help you release woundedness. So those can be hard; do they have to be hard? No. Because your woundedness is released by you, is it not?

There are certain people who actually can connect to you deeply enough, whom you allow in deeply enough because they are already there deeply enough. So that it is actually just the connection that allows them to bring all of that out. It is not necessarily anything they do or say … it is just the connection; it is just the fact that they are already there. There is not "a doing" that allows ….(pause). You don’t come together in this reality and then all of the sudden they are digging their way deeper and something is triggered and it moves upward. It IS that they are already there, they are already a part of you. They are already a part of you before you got here, so that you look at them and you see them in the sense of “I know you already. I feel like I have done this before. This is very deja vu." That sort of thing.

A lifemate, by contrast, could be considered, in one definition, a new soul to you in this experience. So, someone who has been floating around, whom you have not really combined energies with could be that. This could also be someone who is a soulmate, whom you feel drawn to, who, because you have released so much of your "stuff" and you have arrived in this place that is actually … (pause) don’t love the word "higher" vibration, love the word more resonant, more clear, easier, more fluid vibration so that you are in that place, and this person who is connected to you in other realities can more easily be part of your experience here.

So, it can be one or the other; it is not black or white; and can a person be both? Yes, absolutely, 100%, for sure, can be both. Does it happen often? No, not yet, which is another discussion we can open up to in terms of moving forward and feeling what it looks like to be in a more, people like to call it a 5D or a 4D space, where you are not so limited and you are actually having a more multidimensional experience, which is true of all of you here today. It is not true of every person (right now); not every person is conscious of their multidimensionality (right now); however, every person IS multidimensional.

Just like every person does have some gift and some giftedness related to some kind of sentient feeling of energy, knowingness, psychic ability, empathic ability. Every person has a way of processing this information. A lot of people are still not conscious of that or don't really accept that it is even real, but for those of you who are here, you actually feel the energy work that is exchanged. We (guides) won't say offered to you; we will say exchanged with you. Because there is also a sense of hierarchy here (Earth), we like to place someone on a pedestal or call them our guru or have sort of a hierarchy of energy that is related to an old way of doing things, and when we say to you "exchange energy", it is benefiting us as much as it is benefitting you that we have this experience with you. So, for us (guides) to come into this and say that there is a healing energy being offered to you and it is because we are in this higher vibration, that would be (laughter) well... inauthentic and sort of funny. (There is laughter behind me). Because there is so much being received as a process of the connection that it is very fluid and very balanced, so you can assume that you are part of this. What they are showing me (Malia) is a figure-8 visual that has different colors and different ... (pause). So, if you are experiencing a heart flow; I am seeing a pink color move over the figure 8 that is connecting you and I as one body or ... does that make sense?

Audience: For the sake of validation, I can feel my heart open; it is really open right now. So, everything is really coming through.

Malia: Good, good. So what we are understanding is there really is no difference.

Guides: There is only a difference in terms of needing to see it that way, but if you will allow yourself to close your eyes to the logical aspect, not always, not forever but just for now while you experience relationships that pull you in, because there is a reason. I like the resonance word better. There is a resonance which simply, to us, means: Resonance is what draws you to another being, pulls you closer, allows you to be more open, makes you want to be vulnerable, makes you want to have relations together and want to be in this energetic experience as one being. That is called resonance. So, that magnetic energy will pull you together always, and that can be in the form of a lifemate, and that can be in the form of a soulmate, and that can be in form of whatever you want to call it. There is no difference. It is just go where your heart is drawn. So if you can close your eyes and sort of limit yourself in terms of the logic space while you are experiencing fear around it because for so long you have drawn people to you who have dug up wounds, dug up wounds, dug up wounds. And then you are in a place where you stop experiencing fear around it because this next person is not about digging up wounds and digging up wounds and digging up wounds.

So, remember that you have done a lot of work in getting to where you are, and the work that you have done has released you from this 3D, physical space so that you are actually able to both feel the resonance of the energy work that we do together, and you are actually able to comprehend something much more abstract than physical reality, and to wrap your mind around it and believe in it and allow yourself to manifest from it. So, all of things tell you that you are in a place where you are, not necessarily done releasing all of it, but the depth of the pain that has held you anchored, sort of at the ocean floor, that part is over, and that is how you know. Does that help?

Audience: Yes.

Malia: It helps me a lot.

Audience: It's comforting, also.

Malia: So, those were all my questions, answered. (Laughter). I had a lot of questions before I came into it, and now I feel like crying. It sort of frees me from needing to define anyone and understand them in a certain way.

(Part 2 to follow)

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