Empath Group #3 Part 2/6 Soulmate vs Lifemate

The following is the transcribed version of a recorded Empath Group session with Malia via www.Empath-Malia.com.

For the sake of clarity, a reading/session with me (Malia) is an interpretation of visual (clairvoyant) and audio (clairaudient) information, along with physically felt sensations (empathic and clairsentient) information. There are times you here me say "they are saying." There are times I am describing what I am seeing. Also, there are times I am feeling way through a question. I do try to make it clear how the information comes through, but it is not always as easy as it might seems to switch gears and stop tuning in so that I might tell you. As well, there are times I am interpreting multiple "frequencies" (you might compare this experience to having a conversation with multiple guides and then relaying that information to you, the audience). Thank you for your presence in this experience with me :) Malia

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Soulmate vs Lifemate (continued)

part 2/6

Malia/Guides: Where we are moving toward and what we are talking about today is changing. So, of course everything is always changing, but we are talking about moving from a space ..... it is funny because humanity is such a limited word in terms of the bigger picture and how it is offered because there are multiple realities happening here. It is not just who you see in the physical, but there are other realities sort of superimposed over the top of this one, and they are not stacked like a layer cake; they are all sort of interacting together. So, when you think about us moving forward, if there is such a thing, or if we think about it coming full circle, coming into the wholeness of who we are, what we are talking about is multiplicity.

In terms of multiplicity and moving forward, we are talking about feeling our way through an experience and not sort of caging one particular person and saying "You are mine forever, and I will keep you in this cage. I will decorate it really beautifully, and you will stay in here forever with me." Because that experience is based in fear, very limiting, and doesn't allow for growth, breadth or any kind of expansion outward. The place we are going is about trust, and it is more like 2 birds flying together than it is about building a cage and going into it. So, that would be the old way of being.

So, we are sort of on this bridge right now when we are talking about relationships that are very key to our growth and our empowerment but also, how do they come through to us and how can we accept those relationships because we are not meant to ignore the magnetic energy that we are experiencing. That is our heart speaking to us, and that is the resonance that is saying "Pay attention here. You are not meant to look away from this. You are meant to walk towards it." So, if you can allow some of that to be the case then you are going to experience more of a ... I don't want to say multiplicity in terms of sexuality... because it can be defined by you. That is the other piece of this; there are a lot of relationships where we want to sort of put 2 people in a box and have all of the colors of the rainbow show up, and because that is based in fear, that is something that I am being shown it being thrown out of the back of a truck. The truck is driving along; we are all moving forward, and that is being thrown out, that way of being. So, as you are holding onto that and sort of trying to tether yourself to that old reality, it is not going to work for you.

But what is going to work is finding yourself in a space where you can pay attention to the resonance with these different people that you experience and allowing that to be okay with you, and if you want to have one relationship that is "the most intimate" fantastic, but allow them to be free, allow them to feel free, allow yourself to feel free within the context of that connection, and allow them to sort of fly back to you over and over and over again. And when that time is over, as it often is, because we have learned to sort of dive into our problems and sadness and notice what we don't like about another person, and pretty soon, we are weighed down again, which is why connections end, which is another piece of information that is... within the context of that, there is a dishonoring of Self and that of not paying attention to where we are in our Now, that both anchors the connection and.. I don't want to use the word abuse, but this is where the worthiness issues come up, and this is where the enmeshment issues come up when we are holding onto another person, and if you love me you'll stay forever and ever and fight with me. That is where all of this comes up, within the context of that needing to pull back into the old way of being and not be brave and move forward. So, we can talk about how to be brave and move forward also.

So, we are on this bridge, we are moving forward, and we are allowing, hopefully, ourselves to experience these multiple connections in some way that fully honors who we are as beings, and in fully honoring ourselves, we honor the other people, and the other people are also safe. In other words, what we are not talking about is "I am going to go into this reality and sleep with 5 different people, and then, I am going to expect all of them to be okay with it because this is the New World. That is not what we are saying." We would never think that you would be okay with it either because this is the most precious, depthful, vulnerable place that you are wanting to experience with another being.

Malia: I am getting a really strong "yes" around all of this information. My head is buzzing, and by buzzing I just mean the feeling of sort of tingling and vibrating golden energy... I guess is how it feels to me.

Audience: Beautiful.

Malia/Guides: So, as we are moving forward, how do we survive in this place, and it is always going to be about returning to Self, standing in your center, and listening to you and what is right for you in this moment and then trusting that the other person is going to offer what is right for them.

Malia: So, if I can dive into Traci's energy field, that would be fantastic.

Traci: Um humm.

Malia: In the case of Traci, we have Blake and we also have Bill. I am a little bit divided about Bill right now as I am reading him, and that is okay.

Traci: I am too.

Malia: So, as I am reading you, I am feeling... (oh, I wish you could see me). Okay, I am standing here, and I have my right hand over my heart, and i have my left hand sort of facing upward as if it is my receiving hand, and in that hand sits Blake and all of his red aura, which makes me laugh because he is such a physical person; he is so much in that space, and I truly, truly adore and love that space; it also scares me because i always think it is going to implode in my own reality because it is so vibrant and big. But so many of the soul connections we are drawn to have this bright red, vibrant color, particularly when they are male, and why? Because that energy is connected to sexuality, and sexuality is sort of the place that most men easily connect energetically speaking. Yes, also the mind, but really, in terms of being able to make it to the heart and allow the heart to open, the physical/sexual energy is where they are most comfortable, and in fact, it is where they have kept us the most safe in terms of lineage, if you will think back about humanity and where we have been. Does that make sense?

Audience: Yes, yes.

Malia: Okay. I am wanting to stay with Blake and Bill and Traci here for a minute so I can ask for more. So, what I am wanting to know, as I am standing in Traci's energy is what do I do from here? Because it is really a challenge to be, and tell me (I know I am speaking for you, and you are welcome to interject, Traci, and tell me if I am getting this wrong) but I feel like what I am getting ... from Bill I get this sense of ... he still shows me a pretty white, light vibration and a sense of "not coming to Earth" and not really being as fully, intimately in this space with you as Blake is, and there is a space with Blake where it is actually a little bit safer because of his age, believe it or not, and let me just tell you (as I am revealing Traci's truths to you) and we walk forward, there are a lot of relationships like this that have a little bit of an age gap in terms of the woman being the older and the man being the younger party, and there are reasons for that, and we can talk about that also. This topic goes off in so many different directions. But I feel like because he is in this space that you can sort of hold him in your hand and experience him as you want to experience him, but you don't have to fully trust or dive into what he is not even ready for. Does that make sense?

Traci: Just so you know, Blake is like 12 years younger than me.

Audience: Va va voom. Good for you.

Traci: But having spent time with both of them this week, it does; that all makes perfectly good sense to me because when I had something come up, like I said, out of the blue, here comes Blake, Bill could have almost cared less. Not that he didn't care, he just didn't like wake up to it, you know?

Malia: Well, here is the space around this in terms of how I read it, and hopefully, this helps you to understand it, but Bill is detached because there is not that... there "is" a connection, yes, and there is a sense of chemistry, yes, but it is more like a new soul being connected to you, whereas Blake feels like he is sharing lifetimes of information with you. So, he comes forward into this experience, and he is saying "I am not ready for the defined version of what it used to mean to be connected to you. He is also coming into this space as a much more evolved soul than most of the men who have come before him. Whereas, you have Bill, who does carry with him a lot of the old belief systems around what it means to be in the cage, and so, he is sort of on the other side of this, holding onto that mental energy around this, but with Bill it is going to be a process of time and experience and developing connection, whereas with Blake this is something that you hold...I mean imagine knowing someone intimately for lifetimes, and then another person comes into your reality, and they are amazing to you, but there is a very.. I don't want to say limited, but it is like you starting at this new place, and you have all of this building to do, so there is not a big draw back into that; it is not as familiar to you as with Blake.

Traci: I can honestly say I am at the most comfortable place I have ever been with Blake.

Audience: Which one is the white light? I'm sorry.

Traci: Bill. When it comes to Blake, I finally like, I feel I am at that place where I can accept it for what it is, and I am okay, and I can be in his space, and he can be in mine, and I can walk away, and I don't hurt.

Malia: That is good. Truly, he does need to be in your space, and if you can back up from it and consider the relationship simply energetically, that when you are in each other's space, you get what you need. It does not have to be physical; it doesn't have to be committed; it doesn't have to be anything other than allowing yourself to experience the connection, end. It can be just that much, and you can sort of throw out of the truck the rest of the definitions around that so that you have the experience because your soul is speaking to you, you know? It is not something that you can ignore. So that is good. And he also has someone in his life now, right?

Traci: Yes, he does. (end of part 2/6 - Soulmates vs Lifemates)

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