HI THERE...  I'M MALIA (smiles)


I'm a seasoned, compassionate intuitive & growth catalyst, a gremlin wrangler and a sabotage sleuth, a veracious diagnostic antenna for soulful empaths who are ready to RISE and SHINE!


For the last decade, I've been known as Empath Malia, a top-rated, 5-star intuitive reader on some of the most popular online platforms.  I dare you  - Google me :)   With more than 7000 5-star readings, 1000s of loyal clients, and more than a decade of growth inspired by my own guidance and intuition later... I'm ready to give you ALL my golden keys and teach you EVERYthing  I know about transformation, intuition and thriving as an empath.​

I am also a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover of nature & animals and all things artistic and creative, particularly color.  In other words, I'm just like you.


I have transformed myself and my reflected life experience many times over, and I want to help you do the same with purpose, with honor and JOY!  


I know what it means to be so afraid I couldn't move at all and so liberated I could move mountains.  I know the grey areas in between.  I know all about giving myself gentle patience, and I know how to light a fire under myself and create change. 


I know FEAR can be something you embrace; it can move you in ways no other energy can.  I know chaos can lead to calm and expansion (if you allow for it).


My genius lies in my emotions, feeling them, and helping you to embrace yours and allow them to guide you.  I will help you tune into your soul, get in touch with your body and live a life you feel at your core is the one you are meant for.  I am able to observe subconscious patterns and help you to make them conscious, thereby creating evolution and moving out of old conditioning.  


 My mission to help you transform YOU exactly the way you, and ONLY you, are meant to evolve, by your own signature and your own hand.  Our process will always be specific to you.


My business has been built through intuition, brick by brick.  In 2007, my life seemingly fell apart around me, and I was brought my knees financially.  I would later discover that all things "not me" were being shed, and only those things that resonated "me" were growing.  Through this basic principle, Empath Malia was born and the intuitive languages I both understand and express now were (and continue to be) learned (or better said, remembered).  

Thank you for taking your power! 





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