What is subtle energy work?

Simply put, energy work can be defined as the exchange of energy between bodies, transmutation from heavy to light.  While there are as many modalities as there are stars in the sky, the one common thread is the return to balance of both the receiver and the giver.  


The healing work I provide is best described as the vibrational feeling of being lifted and Light filled, bringing both client and practitioner into alignment with Source.  This is often felt physically, but not always. 


For those who do feel it, it's really incredible, tingly and wonderful, physical and visceral.


As a practitioner of healing, my experience is very meditative, peaceful.   


For my clients, energy work has an almost magical way of bringing them to center, opening a space for emotions to finally move. 


For those who see energy/aura, it's golden in color. 


Simply put, the session experience and following life experience varies with each and every individual, but there is always an effect that I would describe as clearing, eliciting harmony, bringing online that which has been dormant however that might look or manifest in one's reflected reality.

Will we use this in our consulting sessions?

Emphatically, YES :)  The energy work I do is part of me, it's not possible for me to leave this out of the picture, but why would we?  That would be like leaving our golden key to transformation on the table but still trying open the locked door.  Hint:  We won't do that :)


At the beginning of each session together, we will clear, and I will tune in to you and your focus.


This brings us both into a vibrational space of ease where ALLLLL the good stuff flows easily.  As we move forward, I will teach you HOW to do this for yourself, and we will uncover your personal intuitive language(s).  


Remember!  We are magnetizing the experience "to you" not chasing after it.  Our first order of business is always the energy.


You will only receive what you are ready for.  My experience with energy/healing work has always been uplifting, healing, aligned and comforting, and it is the single best way I have experienced to supercharge your sessions and bring clarity where there was none.