Hi there, so happy you stopped by!  Here's how to find me:
I'm keeping regular office hours right now: 4p - 8p Tues-Sat PST

1.  If you want a session 🔥 right now,  click the "Chat with Malia" button below ⬇️.

2.  If I'm already in a session and you want to be next in line 👋🏼, send me an email using the button below ⬇️ or text me directly at (303) 437-2774.  I'll let you know as soon as I'm open again.  Sessions usually run about 45 minutes in length.

3.  Want to schedule instead?  Send me a couple of preferred appointment times and your time zone through the button below ⬇️ (please try to stay within my office hours if you are able).

4.  Rates:  I've made a few changes to help with recent global economic impacts:
For the foreseeable future:   20 minutes for  $120 ($6/minute) with overages at $4/minute.  

If you'd like to stay longer, I'm happy to if there is time available.  If you're aware you'll need more time, please let me know right away.  

Looking forward to chatting soon :) xo